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Departure: Côa Museum, on the outskirts of Vila Nova de Foz Côa. The museum is located about 3 kms from the center of Vila Nova de Foz Côa, being accessible by a signaled road. The trip is made on an all-terrain vehicle, led by the guide.

: at the end of the day, with the last solar light, so the hour depends on the time of the year.

Duration of the visit
: about 3h

Booking must be done in advance, through the following contacts:
Tel:  +351 279 768 260
Fax: +351 279 768 270

General Information

This visit to the rock art site of Penascosa is similar to what is done during the day, in the rocks and motifs that are observed. The difference, besides the point of departure, is that it is a visit made at night, using artificial light to provide an oblique illumination of the engraved figures.

This evening tour aims to create the best possible conditions for a suitable view of the beauty of the Paleolithic art of the Côa. Focusing a bright light in a side position on the engravings, creating light/shadow effects, one can enhance the motifs, causing them to "emerge" from the rock surface. Moving the incidence of light, you can also highlight certain motifs in relation to others, "isolating" them in the apparent confusion created by the intentional superposition of the engravings, a very typical technique of representation of Paleolithic art.

The easy and safe access to the visitable rocks of the Penascosa site, in the placid and serene environment of this beach in the Côa, make it an ideal place for this particular type of visit. The full moon nights are especially enjoyable, especially on the warm evenings in the region, common from spring to autumn, making visible the river and the hills outlined in the landscape.

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