The Côa Posters

Since 1995, with the public revelation of the existence of rock art in the Côa Valley, many events occurred related to this topic. Debates, lectures, films and numerous articles, many of these events were promoted by the Côa Valley Archaeological Park itself, but also by many other entities, both in Portugal and abroad.

Often, the various events that were taking place were publicly promoted through posters. In the archives of the Côa Valley Archaeological Park copies of most of these posters were kept, from different origins, and this collection is now presented in this web space.

The collection is sorted chronologically, from 1995 onward, and will be added as new exemplars are made or rediscovered. Although it consists of far more than one hundred posters, we are aware that it is not complete, particularly with regard to posters of events that took place outside the Côa region. Thus, this is an online exhibition open to new contributions, and we would be thankful to people or institutions that may have copies of posters on the Côa theme not included in this collection and would  send them to us, whether in paper or already in digital format, to the addresses listed below.

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