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"Water - Stone"

"CÔA- as a place of affections, vitality and grandiosity, CÔA is for Man, a vast and infinite learning fields functioning as an inspiration and knowledge tool.

Here time has no time, and an extensive series of feeling and thoughts are hovering in the air. Stone and Water come together, as every force in the word is concentrated in the Sacred Valley.

Sandra Baía, plastic artist and João Francisco Vilhena, photographer, accepted the challenge to explore Côa territory, which approaches the strictly pictorial frontier and beyond, searching for answers to the stone and waters materiality: their memories and how they affect us.

Making good use of his prodigious creative ability, João Vilhena registers, through photography, brief moment's sensations making use of all his skills to capture each one at a glance. The artist has the particularity of focusing on the details beauty, sometimes ignored by the common mortals, in the quest to reveal the poetry that lies in nature's elements.

Each image is different while at the same time forms a coherent part of the whole, as if it was a diary where each journey is singular - each day is different, but they merge together as if they were a nostalgic memory that loses its chromatic definition, only producing matter - stone, light, the sépias misty details and black and white.

On the other hand, Sandra Baía, through exploring and experimenting with the sculptural space, pictures a conceptual world revealing its motivations and anxieties while pursuing the human identity. The artist seeks to interact with the visitor, inviting him to question his inner and outer world, confronting him with its weaknesses in the search of self knowledge. For this exhibition, based on research made by Professor Massaro Enoro on the morphology of water, Baía has materialized an installation where she confronts the viewer with a varied, range of late sensations in his perception and knowledge - the waters memory and its messages.

João Vilhena and Sandra Baía convince us through this exhibition that, although very distinct, their works "cohabit" in full harmony and fruitful conceptual coherence they fell in love with a territory which brought them many challenges while exploring it." Alexandra Silvano - curator

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