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"New Regards over the Côa"

From July 8 to October 15, 2017, the Côa Museum, in close and special collaboration with the Carmo Archaeological Museum, presents a contemporary engraving exhibition by students of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon.

"The artistic projects that can be observed here have as a common and fundamental motivation the exaltation of the homo spectator (M. - J. Mondzain) who inhabited the Côa Valley (and now inhabits us). It is a very diversified set of graphic and material experiments, accomplished in two-dimensional and three-dimensional works, related to the secrets of the incision, the joy of the dissemination of the marks, and the contemporary rhythms of the sphere of reproducibility.
As can be seen, there are several engraving techniques used, namely woodcutting, water-ink, etching, lithography, and screen-printing; As well as the creation of three-dimensional pieces cut and shaped by laser or with the mordant action of iron perchloride.
Parallel to this exhibition is another one, with a substantial part of these participants, at the Carmo Archaeological Museum in Lisbon. In both places, we do no more than "grab the shoulders" of the homo spectator of Foz Côa, to better see and understand art as a form of human symbolization, both of the past world and of the one that surrounds us today."
José Quaresma

Ana Mouralinho / Beatriz Bentes / Carolina Lino / Catalina Sandulesco / Catarina Freire / Catarina Mendes / Catarina Silva / Elsa Bruxelas / Filipa Flores / Francisco Correia / Jay Costa Owen / João Rosa / Luís Bernardino / Maria Albergaria / Mariana Teixeira / Nikoleta Sandulesco / Paulo Lourenço / Pedro Fernandes / Sharon Mendes / Simão Martinez

Project Coordination: José Quaresma; José Morais Arnaud; Célia Nunes Pereira
Curatorial Coordination: José Quaresma
Co-curators: Paulo Lourenço; Elsa Bruxelas; Sandra Lourenço
Specialized collaboration: Jorge Sampaio

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