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Events 2018 - First Meeting of the Scientific Council of the Côa Parque Foundation

The Scientific Council of the Côa Park Foundation for the Safeguarding and Valorization of the Côa Valley met for the first time on January 31, in the Côa Museum. Maria Fernanda Rollo, Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Higher Education presided over the meeting.

Decree-Law no. 70/2017, of 20 June, adapted the Statutes of Côa Park to the Framework Law on Foundations, namely by creating an Advisory Board where the national, regional and local institutions involved in the development of the institution are represented and reformulating financing entities.

At the time, the Government also decided to reinforce its participation in the Côa Park Foundation in the area of science, technology and higher education, involving scientific and higher education institutions, in close coordination with the areas of culture, economy, tourism and environment, aiming at the development of scientific and technological cooperation focused on the heritage, scientific and environmental promotion of the Côa Valley.

The intervention of the government in the areas of science, technology and higher education transforms the Côa Valley Archaeological Park in a space of reference scientific research stimulating territorial development strategies in partnership with higher education institutions and R & D units.

It is in this context, and with the purpose of defining a consistent and articulated scientific plan for the Côa Valley territory, a Scientific Council was created comprising:

- Archaeology: António Carvalho (director of the National Museum of Archeology), José Morais Arnaud (president of the Association of Portuguese Archaeologists), Manuela Martins (vice-rector of the University of Minho), João Pedro Cunha Ribeiro (University of Lisbon), António Martinho Baptista (former director of the Museum and Côa Valley Archaeological Park), João Zilhão (University of Barcelona), Nicholas Stanley-Price (International Center for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property - ICCROM);

- Landscape and Rural Development: Teresa Pinto Correia (University of Évora);

- Urban Space and Territory: Marta Labastida (University of Minho);

- Environmental Sciences: Helena Freitas (University of Coimbra);

- Agriculture, Forestry, Natural Resources: Domingos Lopes (University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro);

- Geology: Fernando Manuel Pereira de Noronha (University of Porto)

- Tourism - Scientific Tourism - Nature Tourism and Sport: Sancho Silva (Network of Higher Education Public Institutions with Courses in the area of Tourism (RIPTUR))

- Citizen Science: Carlos Catalão (Agência Ciência Viva).

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