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Events 2017 - European Heritage Meetings - Navigating the memory waters of the Côa

On Saturday, September 23, on the second day of the European Heritage Meetings in the Côa Valley, a river canoe ride down the final section of the Côa River, one of the areas where the valley takes on exuberant features, more pronounced by the schist escarpments and revealing itself only to those who glide on its waters.

Arriving at the emblematic archaeological site of Fariseu there will be a visit to its Palaeolithic occupation and rock art, with a picnic following. In the same place, an old inhabitant born there will recall the recent memories of distant realities, at the time when the Côa accompanied his childhood.

Along the way, a biologist from the Transhumance and Nature Association will explain the importance of the riverside ecosystem here, for the nesting of rare birds on the cliffs that border the Côa (see poster on the side).

Target Audience
: General with canoeing skills
Organization: Côa Park Foundation
Participation and support: Grouping of Schools Tenente Coronel Adão Carrapatoso; Town Hall of Vila Nova de Foz Côa; ACOA
Contacts for information:
Required registration: 279 768 264

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