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Events 2017 - Opening of the 3rd Global Print 2017

On Tuesday, August 1, at 17:00, the Côa Museum inaugurates the 3rd Global Print 2017: "GLOBAL PRINT, GLOBAL ART, COMMUNICATION AND ... WHAT ELSE?", within the the International Print Douro Biennial, which will be on exhibition until September 30.

"The exhibition “3rd Global Print 2017”, inaugurated this year, offers visitors a collection of 543 artists from 67 countries from all the continents. Prints by renowned artists, professors, but also by many young graduates and students, are exhibited together in various collective exhibitions, emphasizing, cultural diversity, technical diversity, virtuosity and creative innovation, but above all else, the richness and excellence of communication through art, which is the true purpose of its existence and of the Douro Biennial.
Assuming the responsibility of being the unique Biennial of graphic work of the country, its evolution since its origin in 2001 placed it on an unimaginable level today, abreast of the most important biennials in the world. To prove this, we highlight the exhibition tribute to world-renowned artists such as Antoni Tàpies, Paula Rego, Vieira da Silva, Octave Landuyt, Gil Teixeira Lopes, Nadir Afonso, David de Almeida, Bartolomeu dos Santos, Júlio Pomar and others, but also by the breadth and internationality reached.
The partnership with the Côa Museum also proves the scale of this project, transforming the Douro into a true world capital of prehistoric engraving and contemporary printmaking."

Nuno Canelas – Curator/Global Print and the Douro Biennial
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