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Events 2017 - Opening of the photographic exhibition "Crossed Ways - from the West to North Korea", by João Pedro Camelo

On May 19 the Côa Museum opens a remarkable first great exhibition (Crossed Ways), with unpublished and truly surprising works by João Pedro Camelo, a young and promising Portuguese photographer.

"This first work exposes a selection of unpublished moments when my path crossed with different cultures, traditions, devotions, singularities. From the American continent, passing through Africa, until the continent of Asia, it shows that the expressions found are ephemeral, momentary, transient.
The exhibition ends in North Korea. The rarity of images reveals the life and places of a country that doesn't seem to exist nowadays, trying to deconstruct what the Regime wants to create about itself: a rich country, heroic, ruled by exceptional leaders and inhabited by happy and free people" (João Pedro Camelo).

Pedro Camelo was born in Mirandela on October 25, 1978, and currently lives in Torre de Moncorvo. He is a chemical engineer, having started his professional activity in 2002. Since then, and simultaneously, he has traveled around the world. Pedro describes himself, clearly, as a traveler. Backpacker, he likes the cultural discovery, the genuine contact with people and the most distinguished places on the planet. For him, any place has or will have a story to tell.

The love for photography came up during the travels. Without theoretical knowledge, amateur and self-taught, he passed from the register of the picture to later remember, for the search of unique, passionate, hidden and unforgettable moments. In his journeys, he counts in his photographic portfolio destinations between America and Asia, passing through Africa and Europe.
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