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Events 2015 - Game "Discovering the Côa Valley"

On the occasion of the Almond Blossom Festivities in Vila Nova de Foz Côa, and in the context of a set of recreational and educational activities carried out by the Educational Services of the Côa Museum, the new educational game "Discovering the Côa Valley" was presented and played on February 24, at the school of the 1st cycle of Vila Nova de Foz Côa, and on February 25 at the high school, in collaboration with the Côa Group of Schools and the company Ideias com História. The presentation was a huge success, with tremendous enthusiasm on the part of the children involved and repeated requests for recurrence.

This game, "Discovering the Côa Valley," was developed by
Ideias com História, in collaboration with the Educational Services of the Côa Museum. It is intended for children up to 12 years, with content on the rock art and other archaeological and cultural heritage of the Côa Valley. The game follows the model of a glory game, where each player is a tribe that wants to install in the Côa Valley, knowing that it offers excellent conditions to live. Since all tribes want the same location, they decide to make a contest, in which whoever wins can have the desired location. The rules are made by the elders, who decide the winner, which will be the tribe that demonstrates more knowledge about the area. The tribes have to answer several questions and the winner is the one that answers correctly to more questions. The game consists of a board and a giant dice, question cards, junior card questions, game pawns (the children themselves) and a rules book.

The giant format that was played on 24 and 25 belongs to the Educational Services of the Côa Museum, to be used with local schools and any other school that requests it. This game is also designed in a smaller format, which will soon be available at the Côa Museum shop.

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