On August 9 and 10, two different activities to celebrate the anniversary of the Côa Valley Archaeological Park: first a nocturnal visit and astronomy session, followed by a day in the Park and a night at an open-air concert (more information)

From August 1 to September 30 the Côa Museum presents the 3rd Global Print 2017 (more information)

From July 8 to September 30 the Côa Museum presents a contemporary engraving exhibition about the Côa Valley (more information)

From June 29 to August 30, the Carmo Archaeological Museum in Lisbon presents a new art exhibition about the Côa Valley (more information)

On the fourth consecutive year, the Archaeological Park and Côa Museum won a new Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor (more information)

The cineast João Botelho was at the Côa Valley making a new film, which was presented at the Indie/Lisbon Festival in 2015 (more information and trailer)

A new ludic game, "Discovering the Côa Valley", was presented and played with children in the region (more information)

In 2014, the Côa Park and Museum had a significant increase in the numbers of visitors (more information)

The Côa videos are all gathered and made easily available (more information)

The Côa Museum has been integrated within the Portuguese Museum Network (see Order)

In partnership with NaturFun portal, the Côa Park Foundation provides the online sale of several of its publications, highlighting the beautifully illustrated "The timeless time - The art of Paleolithic hunters of the Côa Valley" by António Martinho Baptista (access portal)

Joint ticket to visit the Rock Art Sites of the Côa Valley and Siega Verde (more information)

Vouchers for visits to the Côa Museum (more information)

Lavradores de Feitoria and the Côa Museum make a partnership and launch a new wine brand (more information)

Exhibition in Fóios, Sabugal. Côa River: reinvent the art from the Spring to the mouth (more information

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